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Difference Between Dimplex Opti Flame & Opti Myst Electric Fires

December 05, 2011

Answer: Opti Flame = ribbon effect & Opti Myst = smoke effect As a specialist fireplace supplier, we often get asked to decipher the various electric flame effect terms & the below article will guide you through everything you need to know about the difference between the Opti Flame & Opti Myst technologies.

What is an electric fire?

Simply put an electric fire is a fake fire that creates the illusion of a burning flickering flame or wood/coal burning fire. The fires have evolved dramatically over time. Electric fires have been around for over 50 years, and are extremely popular in the UK. The market leader by far is Dimplex, with the best technology and most affordable prices

Opti Flame & Opti Myst technologies

1. Although these two names sound similar, the effect is dramatically different. The Opti Flame fire was developed in the 1980’s and involves a series of mirrors behind complex glass frames and a flickering ribbon effect. These fires create the illusion of an extremely deep fuel bed, whilst being extremely thin (only 55mm / 2” deep on average). These fires are extremely affordable and are the best selling fires in most showrooms nationwide.

 2. The Opti Myst fires are completely revolutionary and have a built in smoke/myst machine built in. Essentially there is a glowing log bed with an integrated illuminated myst. This fire is the most realistic effect ever created and is unquestionably a great fire technologically and visually. As this fire is heavily patented by Dimplex, it is quite expensive and on average retail for over £400 (some fires can cost in excess of £600).

(a) If you have your heart set on this effect, then our advice would be to go buy one - as you will not be disappointed.

(b) Opti Myst fires are expensive, but you get what you pay for and the effect is revolutionary. We have many customers who spend hours watching the fire, just admiring the effect and the ambiance.