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Detailed Measurement To Flues & Leg Widths Of Stoves & Fireplaces

September 17, 2012

It is important to clearly understand the overall dimensions and requirements prior to ordering a fireplace or wood burning stove. Ideally you need to clearly know the height, width and depth of the fireplace (which are clearly shown on almost all websites). It is also useful to know the measurements to the flue and the size of the stove legs to that you can ensure the stove lines up with your builders opening in your chimney breast.

What you should know:

1. Almost stove manufacturers have detailed specifications showing the dimensions of appliances and also show minimum distances. It is important to always follow these requirements as failure to do so will invalidate your warrantee and compromise safety.

2 .As can be seen from the below diagram, it is important to ensure you do not have any combustible material 400mm (40 cm) from the rear (back) of the stove. It is also ideal to have at least 300 mm (30cm) clearance to the sides of the stove.

3. We often get asked if it is suitable to use timber fire surrounds for solid fuel applications (such as wood burning stoves). As a marble fireplace specialist, we are arguably biased towards suggesting stone fireplaces verses timber alternatives. However, it is intuitive to install non combustible materials near a open fire.