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Corner Bowed Fireplace Hearth Base for Fire Surrounds

July 20, 2011

In some circumstances the only appropriate area to install your fire surround is in the corner of your living room. Corner fireplaces are practical as they take up less space in your living room and leave the central part of your room open to fit a television. Corner fireplaces are quite rare as they are non standard and need to be made to order based upon the dimensions you provide for your specific living room. As a result they cannot be imported from low cost countries like regular fire surrounds. For this reason corner fireplaces are not commonly available.

Creative Fireplaces can help:

1. At Creative Fireplaces, we are unique in the fact that we own our very own fireplace factory based in Worksop Nottinghamshire. We often get asked to make bespoke fire surrounds and frequently manufacture hearths (base section of fire surround) for customers who will be fitting a wood burning stove in the corner of their home.

2. We also often get asked to make entire fireplaces designed to be installed in the corner of your home. Our customers have a blank canvas and a honest pricing policy, which ensures you can have literally anything you can imagine

3. As a direct manufacturer we are able to cut out the middle man and pass on the cost savings. As a result we are on average 70% cheaper than high street alternatives, and are able to offer specialist advice.