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Cleaning marble fireplaces and getting rid of scratches and stains on the surface of the fire surround

May 22, 2011

Marble fireplaces are extremely easy to keep clean and look after if they are handled looked after in the correct way. Essentially, the most important aspect of looking after your marble fireplace surround is knowing what can harm the surface of the marble and lead to permanent damages: Is important to never place sharp objects on the surface of a marble fireplace, as this will scratch the surface of the marble and leave and leave you with a permanent damage surround, which cannot be fixed. Although marble is the same material throughout the entire slab, it is not possible to sand-down (or rectify) a specific area that has been scratched or chipped. The main reason for not being able to polish out scratches on the surface of the marble is also due to the fact that marble is polished using industrial diamond tip machinery which cannot be taken on site if the fireplace is installed in a home. Marble fireplaces are essentially porous and for that reason it is important to always remember to wipe off any spills that may be left on the surface before they penetrate the marble. If any liquid is able to penetrate the marble, then it is very difficult to remove the staining once it has happened. Candle wax is particularly difficult to remove on the surface of marble fireplaces as the colour of the wax penetrates deep within the surface of the material. Red wine is an alkaline which can easily stain materials such as marble, and for that reason it is important to always make sure that wineglasses and never kept on the surface of the mantle of your fireplace (this is a common mistake as fireplace mantles are the perfect height to rest a drink on).

How to clean a marble fireplace

1. Wipe the surface of the marble using clean, dry cloth

2. Wipe the surface of the marble fireplace using a damp cloth with warm water. It is important to ensure that the cloth and water used to clean the surface of both clean

3. Dry off any excess water on the surface of the marble fireplace, and allow it to dry naturally

4. In most circumstances the simple three steps mentioned above should be all it takes to clean a regular marble fireplace. For extremely deep and stubborn stains on the surface of the marble, use a clean cloth