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Cleaning Electric Fireplaces

November 27, 2011

Answer: Use furniture polish and clean cloth We often get asked how to clean electric fireplaces. Electric inset fires are extremely easy to clean and keep clean. The below article will outline some of the most important points you should know about cleaning and maintaining your electric fireplace

Cleaning guide for electric fireplaces:

1. An electric fire is made up of a glass screen where flame effect is created and a fuel bed is usually situated in-front of this flame effect. The fuel bed usually comprises of loose pebbles and coal which are reflected into the glass screen to create the illusion of extra depth

2. To clean the glass, simply use spray a modest amount of conventional house polish on the screen and wipe. Try not to leave any finger marks or any visible cloth strokes whilst you are attempting to clean the glass screen

3. The fuel bed is usually loose pebbles or coal. To clean the pebbles you can simply soak them in water and try them afterwards. To clean the dust of the coal, we recommend using a pressurized air can to blow the dust away. Alternatively it is possible wipe the coal with a cloth to remove settled dust (this will obviously mark the cloth and it may not be re-usable). It is important to note that the electric fire fuel bed is often made from “real loose coal”, and for that reason you should not soak this in water

4. To clean the bottom fret of the electric fire, you can simply wipe with furniture polish