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Can you remove wine stains of marble or stone fireplaces?

August 10, 2011

Despite what many would think, it is bizzarley very common to get asked about wine stains on fireplaces. I suppose the overall height of the fireplace makes it a great resting point for wine glasses.

The problem

1. Marble and stone is porous material and absorbs any liquid placed on the surface 2. Marble will stain with any acidic liquid. Wine unfortunately falls in this category that will penetrate the surface of the marble and cause discouleration 3. Since the surface of stone is porous, it will be hard to remove the stain as it is deep within the surface of the marble 4. Repolishing the surface will not help if the liquid has penetrated the stone/marble

What you can try

1. Try make a mixture of baking soda and warm water

2. Use a clean cloth to wipe the surface of the marble with this mixture

3. Wipe the surface with a clean “dry” cloth

4. Leave the surface of the stone or marble to dry naturally

5. This should help remove or ease the stain