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Can you remove or conceal a scratch on a slate fireplace hearth?

January 17, 2011

Slate is a wonderful material that is frequently used in the fireplace industry. Slate has a lovely matt texture and particularly complements traditional décors. Modern homes often use Slate hearths to create an art deco feel to the living room or a focal point as the slate contrasts with a marble fireplace surround.

Matt slate or Honed slate

Traditional conventional slate is often referred to as Honed slate or Matt slate. This material has a matt texture, and is often used when a shiny finish such as Black Granite is inappropriate.

Riven Slate

Riven slate has gentle indentations running through the material at random intervals. The background colour is dark and matt in texture. The unique interpretations create a mystique about this material that is not found in any other alternatives. Riven slate looks great when complemented with a stove or traditional wood burning fire.

Removing a scratch on a slate hearth

Slate was traditionally used to write on and is extremely prone to scratches and marking. It is not possible to remove a scratch on a slate hearth once it occurs. 1. You could try warm linseed oil to conceal a scratch on a slate hearth. You must be extremely careful when trying this, as linseed oil is extremely flammable. 2. You could try use hard wax to conceal the scratch 3. It is not possible to try and polish the slate on site as a industrial slab polisher is needed and a standard hand flex polisher will not work