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Can You Hide The Joints On A Marble Fireplace?

July 24, 2011

Answer: No

Marble Fireplaces will inevitably have joints due to the nature of the manufacturing process involved to manufacture such fireplaces.

1. The joints on a marble fireplace cannot be made seamless and the joint will always be visible. Depending on the design of the fireplace, the manufacturer may even decide to polish the joint to make a feature of it (as this looks best at times). Limestone fireplaces will also have visible joints

2. Resin based moulded fireplaces are able to achieve seamless joints for complex shapes. The high resin content enables the joints to be melted together and appear seamless. Alternatively the fireplace can be cast in a series of moulds to create the overall seamless shape needed. The UK fireplace market 20 years ago way thriving with resin based cast fireplaces, and major manufacturers such as Elgin & Hall has substantial market shares in the market. These fireplaces unfortunately need to be painted and are not long lasting, which eventually lead to the virtual complete closure of this industry just a few years later. Marble Fireplaces have now replaces resin based cast fireplaces

3. The joints on a marble fireplace simply need to be grouted. There is unfortunately no way to get colour accurate grout to exactly match the fireplace, and this is one of the main limitations of manufacturing complex designs with marble. On the contrary many would argue that the beauty of the stone is the true feature and joints are not a problem

4. The image below shows a fireplace with grouted joints which are clearly visible. At Creative Fireplaces, we specialist in marble fire surrounds and make a vast range of affordable quality fireplaces. We would alternatively recommend selecting a fireplace design that does not need as many joints.

Alternative design compared