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Can You Have A Gas & Solid Fuel Combined Fire?

November 04, 2011

We frequently get asked for a multi combination fire that has the functionality of having a dual purpose of solid fuel and a conventional gas fire. As appealing as this sounds, it is (at present) technically not possible to achieve as the two technologies work in very different ways.

Combination fires are not possible:

1. Gas fires work using a gas inlet chamber and a ceramic fuel bed (looks like fake coal, pebbles, logs) that flames burn onto.

The main disadvantage (consideration) is that the fire can only be used with a single fuel source and hence it is not possible to have a gas fire combined with solid fuel.

2. Solid fuel fires such as wood burning stoves have special air flow systems that regulate the air intake and hence allow the fuel to burn in an efficient manner that does not cover the viewing gallery (window) whilst it burns. The airflow system is very different in concept and principle to what is used with solid fuel fireplaces and for this reason the two cannot be combined. An idea for the future: Many homeowners are looking for multi function fires that can be as a gas fire, solid fuel fire or a combined electric fire all in one. If any fire manufactures are reading this then it will be a good idea to develop technologies that combine different fuel types that are not currently possible.