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Can You have A Fire Or Fireplace Under The TV?

January 23, 2012

Answer: Yes electric fires are ok, however gas and solid fuel are not suitable Perhaps the most convenient place to locate youe new television is in the centre of your living room. However this is typically always where the fire surround is located. For this reason, many homeowners would ideally like to position a television above the fireplace, however is this a good idea?

What you should know

1. Gas Fireplaces & solid fuel fireplaces give off a large amount of heat when compared to electric fireplaces and for this reason you cannot place an electric fire above these fuel sources 2. Regardless of the efficiency rating on any fire, it is almost certain that the middle column of the fire surround will get hot as there is unquestionably some heat loss up the chimney. If your television is positioned in this area, then there will be a large amount of heat and this will affect the working parts of the television and almost certainly cause issues 3. Electric fireplaces work using a fan heater with a cleverly sophisticated optical illusion that creates the look and feel of a fire. Essentially the flame effect can be used without having the heating on. This means these fires are ideal to create the look and feel of a fireplace, without all the danger of damaging your television that will be mounted above the fire surround