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Can You Fit An Electric Fire In A Cast Fireplace?

December 20, 2012

Cast Iron fireplaces are extremely popular if you are looking to replicate a classical period look. Cast fireplaces were traditionally only used for solid fuel applications, however nowadays they are often used with a conventional gas/electric fires or alternatively they could even be installed with an inset wood burning stove if required.

Can cast iron fireplaces be used with electric fires?

1. If you’re looking for the classical look and do not have a chimney of flue then perhaps the only option is to opt for an inset electric fire in your cast iron fireplace. Some cast iron panels (such as the one photographed) have a standard opening that will suit the majority of gas/electric fires.

2. However there are a large range of cast iron fires that do not have a standard 16.25 inch wide x 22.25 inch high opening (565mm x 413mm). There is a range of electric fires that are designed to fit around a classical cast iron panel. However these inset electric fires have be shaped around the opening in your cast iron panel and essentially should be ordered at the same time to ensure both the cast panel and fire are compatible (have exact measurements) .