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Can Watermarks on A Marble Fireplace Surround be Removed?

April 09, 2012

 Marble Fireplaces are extremely easy to maintain and look after as you simply need to clean them with a damp cloth and duster.

Over the years, we have however had many circumstances where by customers have noticed dull patches on the marble surface (described as the polish being eaten away) or the appearance of water marks.


What causes watermarks on marble fireplaces?

(1) Typically marble fireplaces would have watermarks if the marble used to manufacture the fire surround was stored incorrectly (e.g. if it was left outside for many months and weathered). However, if the material was damaged due to storage issues then the fireplace would show this when you receive it. Hence, it is safe to assume that if your fireplace did not have such marks when you received it then the appearance of such marks is a result of something that has been done after you have used the fire surround

(2) The appearance of dull patches or watermarks is usually caused by bleach or harsh chemicals being sprayed on the surface of the material. Harsh cleaners such as cilit bang or bleach cleaners will permanently stain and penetrate the surface of your marble fire surround (as the material is porous). Typically bleach and similar chemicals penetrate the surface of the marble and can not be removed afterwards (as it is permanently stained like any other oak table or piece of fabric would be if it was subjected to the same chemicals)