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Can my floor take the weight of a marble or stone fireplace?

May 23, 2011

Modern homes often have timber floors and this often concerns the majority of people who are worried about weather their floor will be able to bear the weights involved in supporting a marble fire surround or stone fireplace.

Will my floor be able to take the weight of a marble fireplace?

The majority of marble fireplaces weigh 23 stone, which is indeed very heavy. Although the weights involved are high, it is important to note that although marble fireplaces are heavy, they do not weigh more than two people. For this reason almost all floors will be able to bear the weight of the fireplace. The average fire surround is also 48 inches wide, which means the weight is dispersed over a large area. This is particularly important as it does not cause large amounts of pressure on a small area of your floor.

Transporting heavy marble fireplaces

It is strongly recommend that you have your fire surround professionally delivered to your door and do nor arrange a collection service. The average crate used to transport marble fireplaces is 63 inches long x 23 inches wide and 18 inches high. Obviously, you would need a van to transport something of this size, however marble is also a fragile material (similar to glass) and difficult to transport for that reason. Experienced delivery drivers will ensure that they do not go over bumps in a manner that could potentially damage the fire surround. You would also need at least two people to offload the van once it arrives.