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Can my existing gas fire be converted so that it can use an outside wall to vent the fumes as I want to remove the chimney breasts?

May 02, 2011


No it is not possible to reuse an existing gas fire through an exterior wall


Gas fireplaces have become increasingly popular in modern times, as they have distinct advantages over solid fuel fireplaces. Gas fireplaces are much more common than solid fuel fireplaces as they are easier to maintain and can easily be turned off when not in use. As gas fireplaces are powered by natural gas that is piped to virtually all UK homes, there is no need to store logs/coal as would be the case with solid fuel fireplaces.

Gas fires explained

The majority of gas fires are suitable for class1, class 2 and pre-cast flues. This means they are compatible as long as you have a chimney or flue of any kind. Certain deep fuel bed gas fires are only suitable for class 1 brick chimneys. These deeper fires will not fit into a shallow precast or class 2 chimney/flue, and for this reason are only suitable for deep chimney breasts (with a brick chimney).

Fires that do not need a chimney or flue

Nowadays it is possible to purchase specialist fires that can be vented from an exterior wall (called Balanced flue fires). It is also possible to purchase specialist fires which do not need a flue or chimney at all, called Flueless gas fires. As balanced flue and flueless gas fires specially engineered, it is not possible to convert an existing gas fire to work without a chimney