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Can Marble Hearths Be Used With Wood Burning Stoves?

April 15, 2012

Marble Fireplace Hearths are not suitable for solid fuel applications. Most showrooms will advise customers about the suitability of products, however there is unfortunately a large percentage of internet websites and other newer showrooms that are not fully aware about the suitability of various materials.

Why is marble not suitable for sold fuel?

(1) Marble is a soft material that will essentially crack if it is used with solid fuel. Essentially the material can not withstand the intense heat generated from wood burning stoves or any solid fuel application. Other materials such as Stone, Granite or State are much harder and will be able to withstand the heat emitted from burning wood or coal.

(2) One of the most common misconceptions is that marble will be suitable for solid fuel if it is slabbed (this is incorrect). Slabbing is a process which involves cutting and re-joining a hearth to create expansion gaps and essentially allows the heat to disperse without forming a crack. Marble will not be suitable for solid fuel even if it is cut and rejoined.

(3) In some circumstances you may see marble hearths used as a front hearth which is not exposed to direct heat. In this scenario marble would be suitable as it is only used for decorative purposes rather than as a base for the solid fuel fire