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Can I Put Downlights Within A Fireplace?

October 10, 2011

Answer: Yes (depending – see below) Fireplace down-lights have become increasingly popular in modern times. Lighting has formed a major part of decorating a home and ambient light is the proffered choice of many homeowners rather than a super bight central light. Up - lighters in the corner of a room are a great example of how lighting has become such a key ingredient is the quest to create the perfect living room atmosphere. 

Downlights Within A Fireplace

1. It is certainly possible to have downlights within a fireplace if you have a gas or electric inset fire. Solid fuel fires on the other hand (such as a wood burner) emit large concentrated heat that could affect the transformer controlling the lighting (as it is located very close to the heat source) and for that reason it is not recommended to install downlights if you are fitting a solid fuel fire

2. Downlights should be elegantly installed within a fire surround to create the required effect. The correct way to install lights in a fire surround is to build a purpose made shelf under the header of the fireplace. The light shelf ideally needs to contain 2 down lights and have an additional cut out for a switch

3. Fireplace Downlights should always be supplied on a prewired certified circuit. As it is difficult to replace the entire lighting system once the fireplace is installed. For this reason, it is a good idea to source quality lighting, transformer and a switch. At Creative Fireplaces we use specialist electrical suppliers to manufacture lighting systems for our fire surrounds. The lights come in a pre packaged box, and each kit is checked and signed. This adds to the cost of productions, however ensures we meet the strictest quality control processes