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Can I install a Marble fireplace hearth on top of parquet flooring?

March 01, 2011

Many homeowners would like to install a marble fireplace hearth directly onto the top of parquet floor. For most homes the sub-floor is concrete, and it would be more convenient to fit the hearth on top of the existing floor. If you're installing an electric fireplace, then there is no legal stipulation that you must adhere to. This means that you are free to install your electric fire in virtually any room in your home, provided you have a suitable 13 amp standard power sockets nearby. This makes electric fireplaces extremely flexible as they can be installed virtually anywhere. Gas fireplaces, however have several legal (building regulations) rules that must be followed in order to comply with statutory standards. As most homeowners know, all gas appliances must be installed by gas safe registered installer. This ensures that there are no leaks the pipe-work and that your home and family are safe. It is imperative that you never attempt to do any DIY on any gas products whatsoever. The building regulations state that they should be a minimum of 300 mm overhang from the front of the marble back panel to the end of the hearth. All gas fire surrounds must have the fireplace hearth bedded onto the floor using sand and cement. The marble back panel should also be sealed to the back of the chimney or wall.

How to stick it down a Fireplace Hearth?

Fireplace Hearths need to be bedded on a sand and cement base. This is the standard practice if you are installing a gas fireplace. Electric fireplaces can have the hearth simply placed on the floor and sealed with silicon or any decorative sealer to keep them in position. With marble fireplaces the sheer weight of the surround will keep the hearth in position