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Can I Fit My Fireplace Stove Myself?

January 16, 2012

Answer: No DIY stove installation will invalidate warranty and go against building regulations. Fireplace Stoves must be installed by HETAS registered installers or be approved by building regulations. Essentially these rules are here to avoid the risk of fire and to protect property and lives

Advice on stove installation

1. It is best to always use a qualified and experienced HETAS engineer. Typically there are hundreds of tricks of the trade that an experienced fitter would know and would not be common knowledge or found on blogs or instructions. Fitters for example will use special materials to increase heat resistance and will ensure the correct flue systems are installed and followed 2. All stove installations by a HETAS engineer will be issued with a certificate. This certificate is critical as it ensures you have complied with regulations and validates your warrantee 3. If you do decide to fit the stove yourself then you are obligated by law to have it inspected by your local building controls and have a certificate issued to that effect

How much does fitting cost?

1. As a rough guide, stove installation can cost £500 to £2000 depending on what is involved 2. It is hard to evaluate an exact installation cost without a site survey 3. Materials needed for all solid fuel applications are expensive and cost more than fitting a conventional gas fireplaces or electric fireplaces [caption id="attachment_3295" align="alignnone" width="350" caption="Slate Hearths for Wood Burning Stoves"][/caption]