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Can I Fit Down Lights In A Solid Fuel Wood Burning Fire Surround?

May 25, 2012

Down lights are extremely popular for most fireplaces and we would strongly recommend them for our entire range of fire surrounds, especially if you are trying to create a focal point in your home. Down lights create a central view point and essentially make it possible to have a warm glow without having to turn on the fire.

Are down lights suitable for solid fuel fireplaces?

1. We do not recommend down lights for solid fuel fireplaces, unless there is ample height away from the stove. Essentially this means you have to have sufficient overall internal height and width away from the working fire in order to install down lights. The recommended spacing and distance will vary depending on the make, model and output of your solid fuel stove of fire. The majority of stoves require and recommend 300mm (12") space above stove & 150mm (6") space on sides of stove. Any area that is lower than these measurements will get extremely hot and it is not advisable to install any recessed down lights.

2. Our down lights are supplied on a transformer and prewired circuit that is designed to break if there is excessive heat. We specifically try source the highest quality materials and suppliers for our down lights in order to maintain quality. We have heard many customers complaining about inferior quality lights that have been purchased on pre-fabricated surrounds that originate from low cost countries. However, good qualities down lights are extremely reliable and should not have any problems with conventional usage/application.