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Can I Change The Fuel Bed On Electric Fires?

October 31, 2011

Answer: Yes Electric fires are made up of a screen and fuel bed. The fuel bed is made up of loose coals and often pebbles. It is possible to change the fuel bed as long as this section is loose and not fixed

What you should know:

1. The majority of electric fires (such as Dimplex & valor) have a loose fuel bed made up of coal or pebbles. This loose decorative layer on the fuel items can easily be changed if needed

2. Some electric fires that are designed for council houses, and the fuel bed must have a fixed fuel bed (as they forms a danger to children). This means you can not change the fuel bed on such fires

3. The most conventional fuel bed on electric fires is coal or pebble. Most homeowners would find a Coal fuel bed much more realistic than pebble as you rarely burn pebbles. However a pebble fuel bed looks more realistic on electric fires as it lets light through and appears to glow red when exposed to light

4. Electric fires do not emit any toxic fumes and do not need to be vented. This means electric fireplaces can be fitted in virtually any room in the home 5. Electric fires can simply be plugged into a standard 13amp socket