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Can Fireplaces Fit On A Flat Wall Or Is A Chimney Required?

November 28, 2012

The Majority of fireplaces are required a chimney to recess the fire. Conventionally all homes that have a fire surrounds were fitted against a conventional chimney breast. In modern times it is very common for homes to remove their chimney breast and fit fire surrounds against a flat wall if required in virtually any room in your home. Fitting fireplaces against a flat wall:

1. To fit a fireplace against a flat wall you need to ensure that you have a fire that is suitable for flat wall installation or alternatively have an adequate void manufactured in the fireplace to accommodate the depth of the fire.

2. A fireplace rebate is the technical term used to describe the void within the fireplace to recess a fire. The rebate is the distance from the back of the wall to the front of the back panel. At Creative Fireplaces we can adapt the void within the fire surround to accommodate the depth of the fire. Hence we can build a 75mm rebate within the fire surround to accommodate the depth of the fire.

3. Gas fires cannot conventionally be fitted against a flat wall without a chimney. However, it is possible to fit a Balanced Flue (vented through an external wall) against a flat wall or alternatively it is possible to fit a flue less gas fire that simply needs a flat wall with no chimney. Flueless gas fires work using a catalytic converter (similar to a car) to convert toxic vapour to a safe vapour.