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Can Fireplace Down Lights Be Purchased Separately?

July 04, 2012


We often get asked to supply fireplace down lights separately without our range of marble fire surrounds. Although it is possible to supply down lights separately, this is not advisable.

You should be aware of the following:

1. Down lights should be carefully carved into the fireplace header. The header should have three cut cut-outs: Two light cut outs and one for a switch. Independently supplied down lights are very difficult to install after the fire surround has been manufactured. It is not as simple as drilling holes and pushing through lights. The fire surround should be designed with a hidden shelf and the transformer should be rested on the ledge.

2. It is always advisable to have transformer and low voltage lights. We personally think it is unsafe to have the lights wired to 240 watts electrical supply. All our down lights are supplied low voltage with a fuse for additional security.

3. LED lights are a great addition to fire surrounds, however are much more expensive currently than conventional halogen bulbs. It is commonly known that LED lights use much less energy than conventional halogen bulbs. The other main advantage for fire surrounds is that the LED bulbs have a life of 100’000 hours and do not get hot.