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Can Bleach Stains Be Removed From Marble & Stone Fireplaces?

December 23, 2011

Answer: No they cannot be removed One of the most harmful & irreversible things that can permanently damage stone & marble fireplaces is bleach. Essentially Bleach products such as ‘Cillit Bang’ penetrates the inner layer within stone (remember most stone used in fireplaces is sedimentary) and stain the inner surface, as well as amending the polish on the surface. As bleach often (if not always) penetrates the deep surface, the damage cannot be undone and the fireplace in almost all cases is ruined.

What can I do if the surface is damaged?

1. The surface can be re-polished on site using specialist marble and stone tools. The main disadvantage of trying to re-polish the surface on site is the possibility that it will highlight the damaged surface even further by making a more pronounced dull patch. Since bleach would penetrate quite deep into the surface of the material (5mm or more), it is not really possible to re-polish the surface enough to reveal the under layer of the material 2. Perhaps try hiding the stain using an ornament so that it is less pronounced 3. If you have home insurance perhaps you should consider or take advice on the possibility of putting in an ‘accidental damage claim’