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Can Balance Glue Gas Fire Be Fitted In A Micro Mable Fire Surround?

November 20, 2011

Answer: Yes, you can fit a balanced flue gas fire in a micro marble fire surround.

However with today high output gas fires we recommend that all back panels for balance flue fires be in three pieces, to provide expansion joints .

Also as new gas fires design somehow make the panels very hot ,we recommend using Black Granite three piece panels or natural marble or natural limestone three piece panels. This is particularly true for Gazco fires for whom the gas fire manufacture recommends must be fitted to 3 piece natural stone panels like black granite.


Balanced flue gas fires are fires that are externally vented through an exterior wall and are ideal for homes without a working chimney or flue. The fire has a horizontal pipe or flue that is directed from the fire through the exterior wall. Balanced flue fires are typically all High Efficiency fires and frequently have efficiencies in excess of 89% on average. As this is a specialist fire, it is typically more expensive than a conventional gas fire and on average a balanced flue gas fire retails for £400 on average

Fire surrounds for balanced flue gas fires

1. Like all gas fires balanced flue fires must be fitted with non-combustible back panel and hearth. Micro marble, 100% natural marble, granite or any type of stone would be suitable. Surfaces such as timber would not be suitable

2. Marble fire surrounds are ideal for use with balanced flue fires as they are non combustible and the rebate (internal void) can be altered to push the back panel as far back to the wall as possible - making it much easier to install a 'balanced flue gas fire'

3. Ideally the easiest way to install a balanced flue gas fire is with a fire surround with a 25mm rebate- which means the back panel is pushed as far back to the exterior wall as possible

4. Conventionally the gas fitter will remove exterior brick work and will then vent the fire externally