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Can a Fireplace Be Adapted To Make A TV Stand?

December 09, 2012

We recently had two consecutive bespoke orders for customers trying to adapt our range of marble fire surrounds to use with televisions. Essentially both customers had different ideas that were based around using a marble fire surround as a stand for a television. One customer wanted us to incorporate drawers into the design for storage purposes (tricky to do in marble, but anything is possible).

Adapting fireplaces for televisions:

1. It is essential to ensure that the fireplace isn’t too tall otherwise you will strain your neck when viewing television. The majority of timber fire surrounds are 47 inches high which is far too high. We would recommend an overall height of around 40 inches or smaller.

2. The mantle shelf should be made deeper (perhaps around 15 inches) if you would like to rest your television and items such as DVD or SKY TV boxes on it. 3.The fire should also not have excessive heat loss up the chimney or towards the actual TV as this will affect the working mechanism of the appliance and cause it to malfunction. We recommend only using electric fires near a working television. Some manufacturers say decorative (inefficient gas fires) will be suitable. However if you spend a reasonable amount on your television (£900 +) then it is not worth risking having a gas fire any way near the television.