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Can a Baxi bermuda gas fire be fitted into a standard fire surround?

May 27, 2011

The Baxi Bermuda was a very popular gas fire a few years ago. Traditionally gas fireplaces such as the Baxi Bermuda were designed to work with a back boiler. Modern heating systems have arguably evolved beyond the traditional back boiler system to new innovations such as combi boilers, which have eradicated the need for such fires.

What you should know

1. If you are replacing your fire surround and keeping a back boiler, then you should ask for a 25mm rebate. This means that the back panel is pushed as far back to the wall as possible (25mm-20mm thickness of back panel = 5mm void for grout). Essentially this will make it easier to fit your fire surround the fire will sit into your cavity within your chimney.

2. It is always advisable to ask a qualified Gas Safe Engineer to have a look at your installation prior to placing an order. This will ensure that the pipe work will be sufficient if you were to replace the surround. Remember, that all the levels need to be maintained for ease of installation, and it is best to get your gas fitter involved from the start (it is illegal to do such work by yourself)

3. In most circumstances it is unpractical to fit an electric fire in the opening of your fire surround and leave the back boiler behind. Electric fireplaces are undoubtedly extremely popular and work extremely well, however your back boiler will need to be serviced and the electric fire in front of the boiler will inevitably be a hindrance.