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Bowed curved Fireplace hearths for marble fireplaces & fire surrounds

March 16, 2011

Bowed (curved) fireplace hearth have been around for many years and are becoming increasingly popular as they had subtle amount of detail to your fire surround without being overpowering. Many showrooms of the display Bowed (curved) fireplace hearth and market them as luxury finish that demands considerable premiums. As a direct manufacturer of marble fireplaces, creative fireplaces offers unbelievable value for money by cutting out the middleman and passing on the cost savings. As a direct manufacturer we are able to offer Bowed (curved) fireplace hearth on the majority of our designs with little or frequently no extra charge.

Bowed (curved) fireplace hearth examined:

1. A Bowed (curved) fireplace hearth is practical and elegant as it saves valuable floor space around your fire surround

2. With minimalistic decor becoming the norm, a Bowed (curved) fireplace hearth is a wonderful addition to your fire surround as it adds subtle detail without over complicating the overall fireplace design.

3. Bowed (curved) fireplace hearth’s are manufactured by sticking small pieces of marble underneath curved horizontal section to create the illusion that the marble is rounded. It is very difficult to see the internal joints on the vertical section the fireplace hearth is the hearth is manufactured correctly.