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Black Marble Hearths also knows as Black Granite Hearths

August 21, 2010

Black Marble Hearths is a common term used for Black Granite Hearths. It is possible to have Black marble, however the material is very light (slightly darker background colour than gun metal grey) and has white veining running through it.

Why are black Granite Hearths so popular?

Black Granite is a shiny solid heat resistant surface that compliments marble fireplace surrounds. The combination of a black granite hearth (see image below) and marble fireplaces is very common. Both cream marble and white marble can be complimented by a black granite hearth. The overall look is modern and chic, and is far to contemporary for a traditional decor scheme.

The above Somerset fire surround is only £375 including back panel and hearth from our website

How much should a black granite hearth cost?

Black Granite hearths are very affordable and cost as little as £140 from our website including delivery and VAT. It is also possible to manufacture black granite hearths to your own customised dimensions.

Black Granite suitability

Black Granite hearths are suitable for gas fireplaces and electric fireplaces, and are not suitable for solid fuel applications (such as burning coal and logs). In order to make a black granite hearth suitable for solid fuel, the hearth needs to be cut into sections (usually 3 sections) and filled in the back with cement. This will allow a purpose built vent for the hot air to escape and prevent the hearth from cracking. There is no such requirement needed if you will be using a gas or electric fire.