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Black Marble and Granite for cut to size for Fireplaces

May 05, 2011

We often find customers asking for Black Marble for their fire surround in error when they are actually looking for black granite. The below article will explain the main differences between black marble and granite.

Terminology explained

1. Black Granite is a metamorphic stone naturally quarried in countries such as China, India and Zimbabwe. Black granite is known for a rich black, dark background colour with no veining whatsoever. When you look closely at the surface and natural black granite you will find a detailed cluster of black crystals and dots which form the overall rich black background colour. Black granite is much more resistant to high temperatures than marble. For this reason black granite is frequently used with solid fuel (wood or coal burning fires). Black granite is also much more resistant to staining than marble (although this is not such imminent problem when used in fireplaces).

2. Marble is a sedimentary stone which is much softer than black granite. Typically marble is found in lighter colours than granite. Black marble (such as Verde Antique Marble photographed below), has a dark background colour with white random veining running through it. It is not possible to have hundred percent natural black marble without white veining running through it.

Cut to size made-to-measure black granite hearts and back panels

At Creative Fireplaces we are a major manufacturer of marble and granite products, and can custom and make any fireplace hearth or back panel to your individual requirements at a fraction of high-street prices. By cutting out the middleman and coming direct to us (the manufacturer) you will make considerable cost savings, we are frequently 70% cheaper than the most competitive high-street alternatives. If you would like a quotation for a made-to-measure black granite hearth back panel please send us an e-mail with your requirements and we will be happy to assist in any way possible.