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Black Granite back panel and hearth with cream Marble Fireplace

June 22, 2010

We often get asked if it is possible to have a Black Granite Hearth with regular Cream Marble Fireplaces. It is certainly possible to mix and match colours, and having a different colour back panel and hearth is quite a common modification. Essentially the only parts that change are the hearth, and the back panel which are both made to order. The entire body of the fireplace will remain the same colour as shown in the below image. 

Main advantages of having a Black Granite hearth & Panel

1. Aesthetically the change of colour is pleasing to the eye and creates a sense of depth.

2. Black Granite hearths and panels are more thermal stable than marble- especially if they will be used for solid fuel

3. Black Granite is harder wearing than marble, and hence is arguably a better product for that reason.

4. Fire surrounds with Cream marble and contrasting black granite are not common finishes, and hence create a sense of value as they are unique