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Do Gas Fireplaces give off enough heat to heat a living room and what output gas fire is recommended?

January 11, 2011

Gas fireplaces have much higher heat output than Electric fireplaces. The average gas fire has a 3kw output whilst all electric fires have a 2kw output (maximum possible on a standard 13amp socket). Solid fuel fireplaces have the highest heat output and are frequently 5kw to 7kw (neatly double that of a gas fireplace).

What heat output is required to heat the average size living room?

1. For a mid sized room the fan 2kw heater on a conventional electric fire is plenty to take the chill out of the room, and extremely quick as it is a fan assisted heater which is 100% efficient.

2. Gas fires are better suited to heating the room for long periods of time, as they are currently a cheaper fuel source than electricity. The most efficient way to heat a room for long periods with a gas fire is to purchase a high efficiency gas fire. High efficiency gas fires are up-to 98% efficient, where as the majority of conventional gas fires are only 60% efficient. Many home-owners do not like the visual appearance of high efficiency gas fires as they are glass fronted, and frequently look similar to electric fires. The glass screen in-front of a high efficiency fire is needed to create the high efficiency, however this means the fire does not have the ambient open living flame effect that gas fires are famous for.

3. Solid fuel fireplaces are much higher in heat output and ideal for heating a home. The majority of modern solid fuel fireplaces have nowadays changed from open fires to stoves inset into a fire surround. Stoves have the benefit of being able to burn solid fuel in an efficient manner without spreading ash & smog thought the home, and are hence much easier to maintain.