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Are There Any Cleaners For Slate Fireplace Hearths?

February 28, 2012

At Creative Fireplaces, we often get asked for cleaners for slate hearths. There are several off the shelf stone cleaners (some even available in Tesco) that are designed to clean all types of stone including Slate hearths. In actual fact slate hearths are extremely easy to clean and maintain if you follow the below steps: 


Firstly wipe the hearth down with a dry clean cloth

1. If you find there is excessive residue on the hearth or the hearth still appears to be dirty, then you should try cleaning the hearth with a damp cloth & allow it to dry naturally 2. Slate hearths can also be cleaned with warm linseed oil. It is important to carefully heat the linseed oil in a pan, but remember never to boil it as linseed oil is extremely flammable. Rub the linseed oil evenly on the hearth (always applying it on a small area first to make sure you are happy with the look). Once the linseed oil has dried, it will darken the background colour of the slate hearth and also will help to conceal any stains or scratches 3. It is important to note that slate is a soft material that is easy to scratch, and once a scratch occurs it is difficult if not impossible to remove entirely (especially if it is a deep scratch)