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Are Riven Slate Hearth Lighter Or Darker than Honed Slate?

November 17, 2012

The two most popular types of fireplace hearths are Riven Slate and Honed Slate. Both materials have similar background matt dark black colours in texture. As a rule of thumb there is no noticeable difference in the background colour between Riven And Honed Slate.

What is the Difference between Riven & Honed Slate?

1. Riven Slate has random indentations running through the material. This makes the material have uneven thickness (due to the nature of the material). On average the thickness variation can be as much as 10mm, and a 20mm slab can be up-to 30mm thick in certain areas.

2. Honed slate is more popular for a cleaner look. Hence homeowners looking for a matt finish will often opt for honed slate as opposed to Riven Slate. Riven slate is often viewed as being more rustic and traditional (ideal for a log burner in a classical setting).

3. Another alternative worth considering is polished Black Granite which is a rich shiny surface with a dark background colour. The material is much harder wearing than Slate and ideal for solid fuel applications. It is also possible to order honed black granite which is a matt texture created by a using a different process on the polishing stage of the material.