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Are micro marble fire surrounds real marble fireplaces?

February 27, 2011

Micro marble was originally developed to overcome the vast problems found in natural/real marble fireplaces.

1. Marble fireplaces, very significantly in colour and this often forms a considerable problem for most homeowners and fireplace showrooms alike. Often the fireplace samples that you see (in natural marble) and the fire surround displays are similar, yet not identical to the end product you receive. As natural marble varies in colour, the actual fire surround that you receive could have uncontrolled veining. Random colouring such as a pink or grey vein running through your fire surround, are also very common.

2. Micro marble can be engineered in pleasant cream background colour’s and with control veining. By engineering a stone specifically for the fireplace industry, fireplace showrooms are able to overcome the distinct disadvantages of colour variations found in natural marble. It is important to remember that Micro marble is an engineered stone and still looks and feels the same as 100% natural marble.

Natural marble fireplaces have random cracks running through the surface of the material. These cracks are often filled with wax prior to dispatch, however often get discoloured and cause a problem at a later date. Engineered Micro marble will not have any cracks running through the surface as it is designed to overcome this flaw. Micro marble is typically 98% natural marble with 2% resin (depending on the colour selected).