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Are Gas Fires Better Than Wood Burning Stoves?

November 08, 2012

At Creative Fireplaces, we specialise in manufacturing made to measure fire surrounds that can be used with a variety of fuel sources including electric fires, gas fires, and solid fuel wood burning stoves. Over the past couple of months we have consistently been asked which fuel source is best.

Are Gas Fires better?

1. A Gas fireplace has the added advantage of being able to simply turn on a pilot light and activate the fire. Where as a wood burning stove requires you to store fuel at home to create the overall ambient effect. There is hence an obvious simplistic and practical advantage of having a gas fire over a solid fuel.

2. Solid fuel fires burn at much higher temperatures as compared to gas fires and for that reason arguably are a better source of heat. Wood burning stoves take away the mess of traditional open fires (such as cast panels) and make using the fuel much more practical. However, the main consideration with solid fuel is the necessity to actually burn something to create the effect.

Electric fires on the contrary have the ability of being able to have the warm gentle glow without necessarily having the heat function on (which is very practical if you have central heating and simply need the fire for an effect only).