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Are Fireplaces Suitable In Any Room Without A Chimney?

June 20, 2011

Fireplaces are traditionally fitted in living rooms, and arguably formed the central focal point. Homeowners would use the fireplaces as a starting point to decorate around the room based upon the fire surround. For this reason fireplaces were traditionally seem as an important part of any home.

Modern Home & Fireplaces

1. In today’s modern home some people have knocked out the chimney breast and flattened the wall in an aim to create a minimalist look an feel to the property. Some decorators have argued that the chimney breast has imposed onto the room and the removal of the chimney has created more space.

2. It is not possible to fit a conventional gas inset fire without a chimney. The majority of gas fireplaces are designed to be installed in Class 1, Class 2 or Pre-cast chimneys. Electric fireplaces have no such requirement and can be fitted on any wall, as they do not require any external venting.

3. Electric Fireplaces are a good practical alternative to homes without a chimney breast as they allow you to install a fire surround and fire in practically any room

4. Flueless gas fires work on a catalytic converter and simply convert harmful vapour into a safe form. Flueless gas fires require a minimum room size to work, and for that reason often need an airbrick in the room within which they are installed