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Are Fireplace Slips needed for wood burning stove Marble Fire Surrounds?

September 15, 2011

Answer: Yes

Wood burning stoves are becoming increasingly popular in modern times. Almost all major TV shows will now prefer to show a wood burning stove as opposed to gas fireplaces or electric fireplaces.

TV shows such as Grand Designs or 60 Min makeover feature properties and self builds with wood burning stoves as opposed to conventional inset fires. Stoves are increasingly becoming the norm as people like the high heat output and look and feel of these products. The below article has outlined some of the main concepts that you should be aware off when considering putting a fire surround around a wood burning stove

What you should consider:

1. The area around the wood burning stove should have what is often referred to in the trade as granite slips. These are three straight pieces of granite that absorbs some of the heat generated by the stove and also hide the section of the fire surround that meets the inglenook chamber of the fireplace. Please see the below diagram which clearly illustrates this

2. The hearth (which is the base section of the fireplace) should again be obviously made from a non combustible material such as marble, granite or slate. We would strongly recommend you ask to have the hearth cut and rejoined. This creates necessary expansion joints and allows the heat to disperse without cracking the heath. The back of the hearth should also be filled with cement to make it denser and more resistant to heat