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Are Fireplace Hearths Safe For Children?

December 21, 2011

Traditionally fireplace hearths (bottom section of fire surround) were designed as a security feature to catch falling ash or coal. Nowadays wood burning fireplaces are back in fission and hearths once again serve a purpose beyond their decorative appearance.

Are hearths safe?

1. Gas fireplaces need a non combustible hearth and back panel for obvious reasons. Most homeowners would purchase a marble hearth and panel as it is readily available, is pleasant to look at (cream and light colours) and is not very expensive (from as little as £150 for a full hearth and panel package) 2. If you have a solid fuel (wood burning fire) then you will need a fireplace hearth made from tougher non combustible material such as stone, granite or slate. Marble is non combustible and suitable for gas fireplaces, however is not suitable for solid fuel applications 3. Electric fireplaces do not need a special non combustible hearth, however most homeowners would still specify marble as it is attractive to look at rather than cheap MDF

Homes with children

We often get asked if the corners on fireplace hearths are safe for children. In most cases the particular concern is the corners being sharp. At Creative Fireplaces, we always chamfered and then polish all hearth edges to make sure they are not sharp or potentially harmful. We also are able to carve fully rounded corners if you are particularly concerned about this