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Are Electric Fires Cheaper Than Gas Fires?

November 04, 2011

Answer: Yes to install & for flame effect, but not for heat output Unfortunately, like most things working out what will be more cost efficient for your home is a complex answer and will essentially depend on what you will be using the fire for. We have outlined the most important decision points (regarding costs) in the article below to give you all the necessary information you should need prior to making a decision:

I use my fire for Heat

1. If you will be using your inset fire as a primary source of heat, then most showrooms and specialists would argue that gas fires are essentially much more efficient at heating a room than electric alternatives

2. Gas fires have a much higher heat output than electric fires which are limited on a maximum of 2KW output as they are powered by a standard 13 amp socket. Gas fires have a standard heat output of 3KW and some gas fires have heat outputs in excess of 5KW which is certainly ample to heat a convectional sized room

3. Gas fires are getting more efficient, some glass fronted models are up-to 98% efficient. This means they can used frequently and are extremely cost effective as they achieve minimal heat loss up the chimney

I use my fire for effect mostly

1. Most homeowners have efficient central heating systems (a boiler with radiators) and want to use a fire as a focal point rather than a principal source of heat. In this case Electric Fireplaces are much more efficient and cost effective than Gas fires as an electric fire can be used on “flame effect only mode” without the heater turned on. This means you can have a warm glow, without using the heat element of the fire. Manufacturers such as Dimplex (specialize in electric fires) have managed to get the cost per hour on flame effect (for electric fires) as low as 3 pence per hour. Gas fires would cost much more as the gas flame needs to be turned on to create the effect

2. Electric fires do not emit any toxic vapor and can hence be fitted in any room in the home (even against a flat wall with no chimney). This means they are more cost effective as a focal point for homes without a chimney or flue system as no modifications are needed to install the fire

Low cost fire surrounds

1. If you are looking for either a gas fireplace or electric fireplace, you may need a cost effective fire surround. At Creative Fireplaces we specialist in manufacturing marble fireplaces from our very own Nottinghamshire factory. We essentially cut out the middle man and pass on the cost savings to our customers, as a result our marble fire surrounds start from as little as £375 including VAT & delivery

2. A full marble fireplace with a gas or electric fire package costs as little as £575 including VAT and delivery (similar products would cost over £1300 in showrooms)