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Are Balanced Flue Fires Better than Flueless Gas Fireplaces?

February 17, 2012

If you are looking to fit an gas fire in a room without a chimney or flue, then you have probably already considered a balanced flue, power flue or flueless gas fire. The difference between all these fires is often difficult to work out and it is often not clear which fire would be most suitable in a given situation. The article below will help highlight the most important issues you should be aware of

The difference between balanced & poweflue fires and flueless

1. Balanced flue fires are vented through an exterior wall and your fitter will simply remove external brick work and vent the fire in this manner. Balanced flue gas fires are glass fronted 2. Power flue gas fires are also externally vented, however they are open [living flame] and some homeowners prefer these fires as they are seem more natural 3. Flueless fires work using a catalytic converter which changes harmful vapour to a safe vapour

Recommended gas fires for homes without a chimney

1. Fortunately there are many options available for homeowners looking for gas fireplaces in a home without a chimney or flue. Essentially the final decision is based on personal preferences, however there are a few points that you should consider: 2. Powerflue fires often lead to a draft, and most fitters would hence recommend balanced flue fires (glass fronted). Some showrooms have even discontinued power flue gas fires due to the number of complaints from numerous customers 3. Flueless gas fires are 100% efficient and this often attracts many people to this option 4. Balanced flue fires are extremely efficient, however the fire is often very expensive to purchase