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Are Antique Victorian Fireplaces Worth The Money & Investment?

December 16, 2011

Answer: No In recent times, it has become fashionable to install Antique Victorian fireplaces in homes. Many homeowners often visit salvage yards or specialist dealers to try and discover something authentic and elegant for their home. In this article we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of traditional antique Victorian fireplaces verses purchasing a new reproduction fireplace 

Victorian fireplaces

1. Most people often refer to cast iron fires as Victorian fireplaces. The two words have become synonymous with the representation of the style and design of this classical period

2. At Creative fireplaces, the majority of the customers we speak to are looking for good value for money and would like the most affordable practical solution for their investment. For this reason, we do not deal in Antique fireplaces as new reproduction Victorian fireplaces are much cheaper

3. A reproduction Victorian fireplace is simply a new casting of a traditional style. The entire look and feel is still in keeping with the overall appearance desired; however the actual product is new rather than salvaged. Bizarrely having a new fireplace that looks the same or similar is a cheaper way to create the look and feel of a Victorian fireplace, rather than purchasing an antique

The fire surround The only aspect that must be considered when ordering or manufacturing a fire surround for a cast iron fire is the inner opening dimensions. The internal opening within a fire surround should be sufficiently sized to accommodate the cast iron back panel which is normally 37 inches x 37 inches The opening in the fire surround is often referred to as the ‘daylight opening’ At Creative Fireplaces, we are able to modify all our fire surrounds to accommodate a victorian cast iron panel