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Advice On Carpets Around Fireplaces

December 24, 2011

The hearth (base section of the fireplace) is usually placed on the floor and carpets or laminate flooring is cut around the hearth. Although it is conventional to first lay the hearth and then lay the carpet up-to the hearth, it is technically possible to do it the other way round and hence lay the floor first and cut the flooring around the hearth.

Useful advice on carpets and fireplaces

1. If you have the option to bed the hearth on the floor first and then lay the carpet around the hearth, then this will certainly give you the best finish and is advisable especially if you have opted for a bowed (curved fireplace hearth)

2. If you need to order a made to measure hearth to cover an existing cut out in your carpet or laminate flooring, then we can help. At Creative Fireplaces, we make made to measure hearths all the time and charge a fraction of high street prices. We would strongly advise you measure the cut out in your carpet or laminate flooring, as we will ensure the bottom section of the fireplace hearth is cut to the right size to cover your existing gap. Having a made to measure hearth is a great way to avoid having to have to order new flooring