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Adhesive To Fit Fireplace Back Panel To Wall

December 11, 2011

As a fireplace specialist we are often asked how to fit a back panel against a wall. Essentially the answer is more complex than it initially appears and will depend on the type of fire you are fitting: 

Electric fire installation

Electric fires do not emit large amounts of heat unlike gas or solid fuel fires. For this reason the back panels do not need to be manufactured from non combustible materials. The back panel for this reason does not need to be fitted with non combustible material behind the back panel as there is no need to seal material

Gas fire installation

Gas fires emit large amounts of heat and need a non combustible back panel and hearth (base of back fire surround). To fit the back panel there needs to be an air tight seal from the back of the wall and the back panel to comply with Gas Safe Regulations

Solid fuel installation

Solid fuel fireplaces emit large amounts of heat and for that reason the back panel needs to be cut and rejoined. This creates an expansion joint and allows the heat to disperse without cracking the hearth. The back panel for solid fuel fires should ideally be supplied in three or more sections and must be installed against the wall using non combustible materials (such as tile adhesive or sand and cement)