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Marble Fireplace Charrington for Stoves - Custom Made


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What is included?
  • Charrington Marble Fire Surround
  • Black Granite front & back hearths and black granite slips are optional extras.
  • FREE UK Mainland delivery


Our range of Stove Marble fire Surrounds are adapted to suit your individual requirements. By customising the surround we are able to obtain a Marble Fireplace Surround which fits your chimney opening sizes. Our U.K factory will work with you to create a bespoke fire surround to fit your individual requirements by modify the opening height and width."

We also use the black granite slips seen closest to the stove in the photos below to ensure none of the face brickwork is seen . These side slips can move in and out and thus are adjustable on site to ensure a perfect fit.

Our Stove Marble Fireplace Charrington surround has the following standard internal opening sizes between the inside of the marble pillars :

For The 54 inch wide surround its - 33.25 in [ 845 mm] wide x 34 in [ 864 mm ] high.

For the 48 inch wide surround its -27 in [ 686 mm] wide x 34 in [864 mm] high.

Above sizes do not include the black granite slips which usually reduce the opening size by 40-50 mm each side and at the top.

However if these sizes do not fit, we can modify the height and width to suit you.

For a quote and sketch of your custom made marble fire surround with sizes, please send us details of your chimney opening, stove and hearth size. We require the size of your chimney opening, width and height to modify marble surround to fit around these sizes.

The Charrington is a wonderful fire surround designed with a elegant triple pencil edge profile. The fire surround appears very simplistic at first glance, and it is only when you look very closely at the design that you notice the elegant carving around the entire design.

Sizes available: Regular 48". Grand 54" modified to fit around stove specifications

Colour choices: 3 colour choice. Photographed in Sienna Gold

Hearth: 2 hearths included. Black Granite hearth & smaller hearth to fit in fire chamber included. Both hearths are cut and rejoined to create expansion joints & allow heat to disperse from solid fuel fire. Should be filled with cement on site

Stove requirements: Let us know your stove size & requirements. We will adapt the fire surround to fit the requirements

  • Most stoves require 300mm (12") above stove
  • Most stoves require 150mm (6") on sides of stove
  • Most stoves require 225mm (9") in front of stove




Free UK Mainland Delivery : 2-6 Weeks from order, depending on location.


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