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Are Marble Fireplaces Suitable For Gas Fires?

January 06, 2012

We often get asked about the suitability of marble fireplaces and specifically what types of fires can be fitted in our extensive range of fire surrounds. When installing a gas fire you must ensure that the back panel (section where fire is recessed) and base of fireplace (called the hearth) are manufactured from non combustible materials. Marble is a non combustible material and for that reason it is suitable for gas fires. There is however a very small minority of gas fires with extremely high heat outputs that require the back panel to either be cut into three sections (creating joints and allowing the heat to escape), however in these exceptional circumstances the fire manufacturer’s specifications will indicate this clearly.

What size cut out in the back panels is required for a gas fire?

1. Typically the industry standard opening (cut out) in a back panel is 16.25 inches wide (413mm) x 22.25 inches high (565mm). The majority of gas and electric fires will fit into this opening as it is an industry standard. However, if your fire requires a larger cut out then please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to increase the cut out size for no extra charge.

2. It is important to always clearly read the inner recess dimensions when considering the opening in a fireplace back panel rather than the outer trim size, as the outer frame will always be larger than the inset dimensions specified. It is very easy to misinterpret the information provided as the majority of websites and manufacturers will always quote the outer fire dimensions to give you an idea of the overall size of the fire. However the inset dimensions will be smaller & it is not possible to cut the back panel out to the size of the outer frame as the fire will simply fall through into your chimney, rather than being secured by the fireplace back panel.

What rebate do I need?

As a specialist manufacturer of marble fire surrounds, Creative Fireplaces will always discuss your requirements prior to manufacturing a fire surrounds. An important part that is frequently overlooked when ordering a fire surround is the size of the fireplace rebate. The rebate is the internal void within a fire surround to recess a fire (distance from back of wall to front of panel). Essentially if you have the correct void, then it will be easier to install your fire. At Creative Fireplaces, we will contact all customers after you have placed an order to discuss and confirm your requirements and will alter the rebate to suit your requirements.