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Fairtrades is an association that aims to improve best business practices amongst its members. All Fairtrades members follow strict guidelines are expected to respect homeowners (customers) at all times above all else. This ethos is the very building blocks towards great customer services and practices. Members are expected to act in a transparent manner and clearly explain all aspects of transactions to customers. Members should not under any circumstances exert undue pressure towards customers and pushy sales tactics are certainly frond upon and discouraged.


What makes Fairtrades members different?

(1) Members are supposed to clearly document contracts clearly with defined timelines and parameters. A clearly defined contract is the building blocks towards better customer service and happier customers as there can be no hidden surprises or misunderstandings if everything is clearly predefined prior to any money exchanging hands.

(2) Members are documented to carry out work to the highest possible standards and supply relevant guarantees for work carried out. These guarantees should also be clearly specified and made aware to customers.

(3) Members are also vetted to ensure they are financially solvent and do not posses any risk to the public. The current financial position is disclosed to the association and extensive checks are carried out to ensure only the finest and most reliable businesses are awarded Fairtrades member status.